Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas #2 | Christmas tree

I'm one of those Christmas hipster-rebel-people who doesn't like red and gold as decoration.
I mean, I like red and gold as Christmas color, and if I see red and gold I suddenly think about december, but I don't like to choose them as colors for my Christmas tree.
When I lived with my parents, we usually decored our Christmas tree with blue and silver things. Last year we used blue ribbons (my mum did them with some tape and wire) and some plastic white snowmen we find in a chinese shop. It was really pretty, I loved those snowmen. You can also find the photo in my instagram profile.

This year, which is my first year in my new house, I decided to change and decor my Christmas tree with white balls and lights. The reason why I decided to do this is that I dream every year for a white Christmas, but here in Italy it usually doesn't snow in December. If it happens, it happens in January/February.
Since snow is one of those symbols you link with Christmas, but sadly I haven't had the fortune to see a white christmas so far... I decided to reproduce the snow on my tree. And of course I think that a white Christmas tree is really elegant and beautiful: my house has these colored walls (I hate them, I can't wait to paint them in spring), so a colored christmas tree would have been just too much.

My tree is 120 cm tall. I used some balls I found in a supermarket (IKEA didn't have the ones that I wanted, Maisons du Monde was way too expensive, and I didn't find a chinese shop in the neighbourhood): a good part of them is made with blown glass, decoration with white painting and glitters. Then I took some balls made with rope, they're just adorable, and I think I'm gonna buy another couple of them because, even if they're expensive, they look really good in my Christmas tree. In the end, I'm gonna add a rope with pine cones, but first I have to find it or some pine cones to create my own. If you have any suggestion about where I can find something like it, I would be extremely glad to know.

I know it looks a little bit naked, but I didn't know how many balls I needed. Maybe I'm going to buy something else, like my so much desired tape of pine cones.

How do you decor your Christmas tree?


  1. It's so pretty :)

  2. Ciao! :) Ti seguo anch'io, e grazie per aver visitato il mio blog! Mi piace il tuo albero, finalmente è quasi Natale!!! :) Spero di rivederti ancora da me, un bacio!

    1. Ciao, sicuramente tornerò sul tuo blog perché mi piacciono molto i tuoi post! Un abbraccio ❤

  3. What a pretty tree, mine is always red and gold!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop