Thursday, 3 December 2015

Christmas #1 | Candle holders

December is finally here, and that means just one thing... CHRISTMAS!
I love Christmas time, I love lights and cold days and the crowd in the shops, I love Christmas songs and everything about decoring yor own home, I love Christmas jumpers and Christmas food. I honestly wait for this very moment every-single-day.
So, I decided to dedicate all my december posts about it. I will talk about my favourite Christmas recipes, my home decor (since this is one of the thing I am most into in this period), my suggestions for gifts and so on.
I also created a playlist on Spotify with my favourite "old-fashioned" songs about Christmas, you can find it here.

For my first post I decided to share with you some candle holders I found on pinterest that you can easily create on your own.
As you know, I am a big fan of candles, I do have an obsession with them, and of course I love candle holders too. On the other hand, I'm not very good at DIY, I've always wanted to learn and train but I'm seriously too awkward for that.
Now that I live alone and I have an entire home to decor, I wanted to try something easy, and these candle holders seemed easy and fun to do.
I searched "christmas DIY" on pinterest and I found some really interesting ideas.
If you want to create your candle holder, you only will need glue and some jars. Then you can easily find tapes or little pieces of decor (for instance pine cones or pieces of holly and so on) on the internet or in stores like Tiger. After that, it's up to you and your creativity.

I'll leave here my photos.
As you can see, they're extremely easy and cheap to do. You can also create them as a gift for friends or parents.
Hope you'll have fun with your creations!

I suggest you to paint your landscape with a permanent marker. I did this with a black thin cardboard, and when I added glue, some parts became white... So I had to paint it again with a black permanent marker! 
In the end, here is some ideas from pinterest, always cheap and easy to do.

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