About me

Hello everybody! My name is Elisabetta but my friends and parents call me Betty. I'm 21 years old but I look like a 16 years old girl, and I haven't decided if I like this thing yet.
Muffin is the nickname I use on the Internet, because I love muffins, they're fluffy and cute, and I like to cook them.
I come from Genova, a city on the North of Italy, very important in the history of the world (think about Cristoforo Colombo!) and very beautiful. Sadly I have to admit that it doesn't have any opportunity for my future so I know that I will move to another city in the next years.
I currently study Psychology at Università di Genova, I'm attending the last year and I hope I'll graduate in July 2015.
I love a lot of things such as tv series, music, muffins (you don't say), shopping in Milan (my boyfriend doesn't like this part of me at all). Recently I began to be interested in make-up and beauty stuff, they make me feel more self confident when I go oustide, and believe me when I say that I'm very insecure and shy. I love to travel but it's not easy because I currently don't have a job and money to afford trips all over the world as I'd like.

I created this blog because I want to collect things that otherwise I'd not know where to collect. My blog will be about food, travels, books and tv series, and of course random stuff.
Why english? Well, I know that I'm not very good at it, and that's because since when I finished high school I haven't spoken it a lot so far. I watch tv series in english with subtitles and I read english stuff, but I feel like I've lost my english skill, so this blog could be an opportunity to exercise. Of course if you read something wrong you must correct me, or I'll keep repeating the same mistakes, and that's not good ;)

That's all, folks!
Have a good time reading my blog 

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