Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas #3 | Pine cones string

Since my tree was a little bit too naked, I decided to add something which reminds me of winter and white Christmas.
As I told you in my previous post, I wanted some pine cones on my tree sooo bad, so last Monday I went to Oh Bej Oh Bej fair, which is a popular and classic Christmas fair here in Milan, and I found some pine cones very cheap and good for my idea.
So I bought them and I bought some wire at Tiger's, and that's it.

This string is something you can put not only on your tree but also as a decoration in your home. You can put it on a piece of furniture, or outside your door, or on the balcony... I mean, you can really use it everywhere because it's simply so festive and pretty and easy to do.

Simply you have to wrap every pine cones with one or two rounds of wire, and leave some spaces between a pine cone and the other. Consider that the first lenght of the wire won't be the same in the end because you will use some centimetres to wrap the pine cones. For example I took a 4 metres wire but in the end the string was long about 3,50m.

Eventually I added some fake snow on the bottom of the pine cones and this is the result on my tree.
If you're not going to put the string on the tree but you want to show it entirely, I suggest you to wrap the wire with some colored ribbon, so that it would be way more festive and cute.

Hope you like it and if you're gonna try it or have something similar, don't be shy and post a photo here in the comments.