Thursday, 1 October 2015

Moving to Milan #1 | Finding an apartment, anxiety and thoughts.

It's kinda official!
I don't know the exact date but I'm going to leave the city where I was born in a few weeks.
After my graduation, which is set on 6th of October, I will have some days in order to prepare my stuff and move in my new little apartment, with my lovely boyfriend.

I decided to talk a little bit about it on my blog because it's such a important step for me, and it's the thing I've been thinking about for the last 3 months.
I've always lived with my parents so far, in Genova, which is a little city with sea and mountains. It's such a beautiful city, I love it, but it doesn't give me any opportunity for my future. I wish I could stay here and find a good job, but it's like impossible. I realized this years ago, when I was in high school.
So I decided to think about moving abroad, but then I fell in love, and when you start a long distance relationship the only thing you can think about is to delete that distance - even if in my case it's not so long. Milan is definitely the city which offers the most important job opportunity in Italy, and I'm lucky because my boyfriend lives there.

Finding an apartment is the most difficult thing at the beginning.
The first problem is that if you don't have a job you cannot know how much the budget is. You should definitely inform about the salary you can get, you must find someone who can guarantee for you until you don't find a job and of course, you can begin to look for it. It's not so easy if you're looking in some fields where there is a lot of demand, because if there is too many people applying for that job you are disadvantaged.
If you don't know the city where you're going to move that well, you don't know which is the best area where to stay. Maybe you find a good price for renting, but the area is abandoned and full of burglars, drunk people and beggers, and viceversa. If you have time to walk around, study the city and its areas, it would be great, but it's not so easy, I guess.
You'll see a lot of bad houses and maybe you can also risk to find a fraud, so when you're looking for a new house the vigilance must be constant (Mad-Eye Moody was right).
You have to accept that no apartment is perfect or will always be exactly as you want, so you have to content. I think that I don't want to pay a rent for the rest of my life, so it's a temporary solution. For the next 3-4 years, until I won't have the security of a good job and salary and I won't be able to apply for a bank loan, this is the only thing I can afford.

We found this little and pretty apartment in San Siro, which is the area near the stadium: affordable price, furnished and good enough for our needs. We are waiting for a confirmation, but if we can move there I would be very happy.

That's everything I wanted to say so far, I hope I will be able to tell more about this in the next few days. Now that I'm ready for graduation I really hope I will update my blog more often.
Stay tuned

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