Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Spring & summer favorites

I know I didn't write about my spring favorites. I've been so busy that I almost forgot my name.
Looking for a good house to rent, a job, writing my graduation thesis... so many things to do and so little time.
I miss my blog and writing about my things, I lost a lot of beautiful post to do in this few weeks and I'm so sorry. I wanted to write about my little vacation, my impressions about Milan as a city where to live, my nail polish collection (but this is one of the next things I'll talk about here) and so many other things. 

So I decided to anticipate the summer favorites post and put them together with the spring's one - that weren't so much because of reasons.
Let's go!

Victoria's secret pois pochette
I bought this amazing pochette in Amsterdam, basically because I wanted something by VS so much that I couldn't just leave without anything - after a few weeks it was announced that a new store would have opened in Milan... Probably you would find a similar one in a random shop with a cheaper price, but you know, it's not by Victoria's Secret. Absolutely perfect to bring in a single place the smallest thing you put in your bag and of course you don't find easily when you need them. And, honestly, who can resist pois?

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour - 167 Ballerina
 This is my second Chanel nail polish, a gift - again - from my friends for my birthday. I love this one, it's so elegant and pretty. You can use it as a transparent nail polish or, if you add one or two coats to the first, you'll get a wonderful barbie-light-pink effects. Lovely and always appropriate.

MAC amplified lipstick - Impassioned
This is my first MAC lipstick, I bought on December and I used it a little until I tried with my spring and summer clothes and I realized it was really good. They say you never forget the first MAC lipstick: I don't know if it's true but I've been using this one since spring began and I'm really happy about my choice. It's an amplified, super pigmented, really intense on your lips - and that's why I didn't use it during winter, because I had lighter skin and it was too much for my  big and fleshy lips.
It's a pink/fuchsia/magenta color, really good for a night out or a special date. Or for summer looks.

LUSH toner - Breath of fresh air
I tried this one because I was curious and I became sort of addicted: I use this toner in the morning, everytime I want to refresh my skin, when I'm at the beach and after I remove my make up. It smells like sea and you can use it whenever you want. Not too expensive for being a Lush product. I usually spray it on my face, but you can also spray it on a cotton pad and then spread all over your face.

Sadly, I didn't read a lot during these months, mostly because I'm busy with University and I read only for my exams, but something that makes me smile everytime is my beloved snoopy. I like every single stories, I find them extremely funny and adorable of course, but never banal or stupid. It's not just a simple comic for children. I just love Snoopy.

London Rebel Bow Flip Flops
I've already mentioned these in this post, but they are officilally my favorite of spring-summer. I've used them so much so far, like almost every day. For a walk, when I was at the beach, at home. Comfortable and pretty, best flip flops ever!

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