Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Series Update #3

Since I am a big fan of tv series - and you know it, don't you? - and I've mentioned this sometimes in my blog, I decided to dedicate a new column about my tv series.
You can find my top 5 in 2014 here and my first update here.

Today I'm gonna talk about three new series I began in the last few months. You can be sure I won't put any spoiler in my description, so keep on reading!
You should know that I will talk about old series too, because there's so many masterpieces to see and you can discover them even years after the pilot.

The Astronaut Wives Club
Based on Lily Koppel's book, The Astronaut Wives Club tells about the lives of astronauts' wives in the '60s, with their secrets, worries and fears. The plot is all about them and their feelings during their husband's travels in space. What I like the most about Astronaut Wives Club is the absolute credibility of the characters. They are so true that you'll end with identify with one or more of them.
The book is still unreleased in Italy but I'd like to read it in english. Maybe it could be a good way to train!
Only three episodes were released so far, so you should catch up with it.

Wayward Pines
Based on Blake Crouch's book, it's all about a strange little town called Wayward Pines. The protagonist, Ethan Burke, is a secret service agent, and he arrives there after a totally odd accident: it doesn't take too long to understand that Wayward Pines is not like all the other cities in the world.
I think this show can be described as a mix of Under the Dome and The Stepford Wives. It's not the most beautiful tv series I've ever seen, but it's definitely a good thriller/sci-fi show, so if you like the genre, you probably will like it.

The Good Wife
I didn't know this one until some of my twitter following started to talk about it. They were so excited that I decide to give The Good Wife a chance. I must confess, I'm totally in love with it. I usually don't like legal drama, because I don't like law at all - I don't understand anything. But. This tv series is the best one I saw in a long time - since I watched Breaking Bad, I guess. It's quite old, it began in 2009 so there are 6 seasons to watch, but if you like it, you won't realize that there's so much to watch. I love Alicia Florrick, I want to be like her, she's like perfect to me: from the way she wears her suite, to her mother's sensibility. I must confess I totally identify myself with her, I almost cry in some episodes. I began to be interested in law too, so I guess I'm pretty obsessed with The Good Wife.
A must-see.

So that is it for today. Have you ever seen any of this tv shows? Have you begun any new tv series recently? Let me know about it, I'm always happy to see more and more tv series.

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