Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Valentine's day ideas

February is here and to me it means only one thing: gifts.
Yes, because on February there are three important events in my life, my boyfriend's birthday, Valentine's day and our anniversary.
This year I had a lot of ideas: something was really expensive and impossible for me, but I decided to share them here. Maybe they will be useful for someone reading.
But remember that the most important thing when you have to buy a gift is to know the person you are going to give it to. So use these ideas below only as a suggestion or customize them if necessary.
So here it goes.

Little chocolates in a cute box
Basically the most traditional gift for Valentine's day, but still the best one: it's cheap, classy and always well-accepted. There are a lot of ways to do them, you only need a mold to make chocolate and a box. You can buy it or decorate one random box using your fantasy.
Use the ingredients your Valentine like the most, for example my boyfriend likes dark chocolate so I'm going to use it to make my heart shaped chocolates.

Touchscreen gloves

I know, winter is almost finished, but this is a pretty idea in my honest opinion. In Italy, February is the coldest month of the year, so gloves are definitely necessary. I began to use gloves a week ago so... What's more useful than a pair of gloves you can use with your smartphone? I bet that you are craving for that. I bought these gloves for my boyfriend on Amazon, and I tried them (I saw them in some stores like H&M but they didn't work, so I wanted to be sure) and they really work with smartphones. Absolutely necessary for this cold winter, and very cheap!

New videogame
This is an evergreen: when you don't know what to give to your boyfriend, you can always enter in a videogame shop and take a random one. I can guarantee a 80% probability of success. You just have to know one thing: what consolle he owns.


This was one of my first ideas, because my boyfriend began to work recently and he often has to bring his laptop around. He actually has a briefcase but I think that he would like to have a new one. If your boyfriend is going to begin to work, he will appreciate it for sure. But you can also give it to him if he already has a job. The briefcase in the photo is Salvatore Ferragamo's, so it's a little bit expensive, but I'm sure that if you search accurately, you can also find a cheaper one.

Gadgets of his favourite football team
Like videogames, this is an evergreen. If your boyfriend is a strong sport supporter, you won't go wrong if you buy some gadgets: outfit, keyring, bracelets, laptop accessory and so on. Trust me, football team can save your life when you absolutely don't know what to buy. You can also customize it, for example look what I found on pinterest...

And what about you? What are you going to buy for your Valentine?
I hope you enjoy this post, see you soon!

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