Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Obsessions #1 - Scented candles

I'm a girl, and just like every girl on this planet, I do have some obsessions. That's why I decided to begin this new section about them. My obsessions change pretty much, yesterday I was obsessed with eye shadows, tomorrow I will be obsessed with something else, but right now my biggest obsession is definitely this one: scented candles.

I must confess I'm not completely a newbie about this, because my mum is obsessed with incense and scented candles too. She likes to light something which leaves a good smell around, especially when dad has cooked something really stinking. Maybe it's genetic or something!
Despite this analogy, we have different tastes about scents: she likes spicy, oriental and aromatic fragrances, whereas I prefer both zesty and sweet scents. I think the fragrances I like the most are orange blossom and vanilla, but I also like cherry, strawberry and citrus.
Candles can also be a beautiful way to decorate your bedroom or the living room: you can find some candle-holders which are matchable with your furniture everywhere. They can easily become one of your best decorative objects.
I saw on pinterest some amazing DIY to create your personal candle or candle-holder, I'm not very good at DIY but I think that the results can be great. Just look at these below.

Aren't they beautiful? I'd like so much to have more time in order to do this!

Anyway, I'd like to talk about my favourite scented candles: Yankee Candles and Ikea candles.
Ikea candles are really good and they leave a good smell in the house. You can find a lot of classic scents, such as vanilla (my favourite), cinnamon, green apple and so on. What is worth going to Ikea for are definitely the candle-holder. Recently I bought this one below, and I love the light when the candle is lighting. It's really elegant and classy, but at the same time it's extremely simple, one of those things you can put everywhere in your house.

Yankee candles are a little bit expensive but I think they're the most perfumed at all. I tried a lot of fragrances, ad my personal top 3 is Black Cherry, Clean Cotton and Vanilla and Lime. Black Cherry is like the best fragrance I've ever smelled, intense, sweet and zesty at the same time. Absolutely amazing. Clean cotton is a "warm" fragrance, really good to relax. Vanilla and Lime is the mix of two perfumes I love, and so this is definitely one of my favourite.
These below are the first Yankee Candles I bought, but I give two of them to my boyfriend's sister as a gift and I didn't buy them again so I cannot tell you whether if I like them or not. Champaca Blossom is on my to-buy list.

Lately I bought two Maisons du Monde candles, one is really similar to Clean Cotton, while the other one is called Promenade au March and it's really weird. I liked it as I smelled it, and my boyfriend liked it too so I gave it to him. The scent is not so intense, but if you don't like to have your room permeated with the smell of the candles, you can like them.

Do you like scented candles? What are your favourite ones? 
I hope you enjoyed this post! Bye

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