Thursday, 22 January 2015


Today, during the lunch, my parents and I were talking about food and I said to them that I will make waffles next time my boyfriend comes here, so my dad told me "hey, I don't want to wait for him, let's do them today!". Making waffles is a little more complicated than pancakes and we missed some ingredients so I suggested to make pancakes instead. They're really fast to bake and I usually conserve the pastry for 2/3 days.

I've been baking pancakes for three years looking for a good recipe. I tried a lot of recipe on the Internet but the only one I really liked was this one from VivaLaFocaccia, a blogger/youtuber who comes from my city, Genova.
I used his recipe pretty much but every time I used it, I added or modified something and now I can say I've created my own recipe for pancakes. Everyone who tasted them was quite enthusiastic.
So let me share with you my own recipe. I hope you'll enjoy!

Ingredients for about 10/12 pancakes

250 gr flour
250 ml milk
80 gr sugar
1/2 baking powder sachet
50 ml seed oil
1 egg (I know, it's not in the photo but it's totally necessary)
a pinch of salt

Take a large bowl and combine flour, sugar, baking powder and salt.
When they're mixed up, add slowly the milk and the oil. While you're adding them, mix the ingredients in order not to have lump in the end. When you have a perfect mixture, add the egg and mix it. If the mixture is too liquid add some flour. It mustn't be too liquid or too solid. A middle way is what you need.

Now it's time to cook: you can use a pancake maker or a simple skillet.
If you use a skillet, like I do, you must keep it to low heat. When it's warm, take a generous spoon of pastry and let it cook for about 2 minutes. When there are bubbles on the surface of the pancake like in the second photo below, flip it carefully. Now wait for other 2 minutes and then put it in a plat.
You can eat it hot or cold, I suggest hot of course!

My favourite matches are strawberries and chocolate, ice cream with nuts or chocolate topping, banana and chocolate. I love fruit and I can't avoid to put it everywhere.
Here's my personal pancake. Yummy!

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