Friday, 16 January 2015

Keep calm and...

I apologize for having forgotten the blog for two weeks, but I had a very bad period and even if I do have a lot of ideas, I have no time to write here.
Last days were really hard, I also went to the hospital because of a chest pain. I was very worried but everything seems to be fine and I was told I am just stressed.
So the question was: what should I do to fight stress?
It's not as easy as it can seem, especially for a psychology student like me because I often find myself thinking about what my unconscious hides and so on.
Well, I also know that thinking too much about that is wrong so I tried to do something very relaxing and forget about University for a while.
Basically this is what I did during the last week.

I read
Books, things on the internet or magazines. It doesn't really matter what, of course I avoided news because they often scare me. It is a good activity if you need not to think about your issues. I'm currently reading a funny book, Who is Tom Ditto? by Danny Wallace. His style reminds me of Nick Hornby's, who I adore: funny, easy and fluid. The book is about a guy who is left by the girlfriend without any explanation. He begins looking for her and he finds out that there's a group of people who literally copy other people's lives. It is not as stupid as it might seems, in fact it makes me think about how natural it is to copy people we like or appreciate.

I had a lot of baths
I like having baths sometimes but I don't have them very often. I bought Lush's bath stuff and I fill my tub with warm water and a lot of fluffy foam and.. done! Twenty minutes only for myself with hot water and a good smell is everything I need to calm down.
Plus, there are sales on a lot of bath products. I tried a bath bomb some months ago but I didn't really like it because there were no foam. I tried again with a bubble bar and it was exactly what I was looking for; it makes so much bubbles that I have to divide the bar. Defintely one of my favourite products ever! 

I walked
I think I am the laziest person ever lived on Earth, I usually take the bus if I have to go somewhere, but walking is something I need to do when I want to stay alone with my thoughts. This week I took the bus just twice when I felt tired. Of course the weather was quite warm and sunny or I don't think I would have walked so much.

I watched Baby Daddy
I am a big fan of TV series as you might have gathered from my last post, but I prefer drama to comedy by far. I haven't watched Baby Daddy since the second season was broadcast so I am actually watching the episodes I missed. Baby Daddy is the comedy I prefer because it makes me laugh a lot: it's crazy, non-sense and really stupid. Not every comedies I've seen are so funny, and if a comedy doesn't make me laugh, why should I watch it?

This is what I did to fight stress, but you could give me some advice, I would appreciate it.
That's it for today, I hope to see you soon.

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