Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The 5 best tv series of 2014

Tomorrow I'll leave and go to Milan, where I'll stay with my boyfriend for a few days. So this will be the last post for this year and I wanted to do my personal top 5 tv series of 2014.
I haven't talked about tv series so far, but I really love them. It's such an addiction which get worse and worse, especially during the school term - and trust me if I say that it is a serious problem.
This year I saw a lot of tv series, old and new, but I wanted to talk about the five ones that totally stole my heart. Be calm, I hate spoilers so I won't spoil you anything.
Here we go!

5. How to get away with murder
It began on September 2014 so it's totally a new tv series - only nine episodes was broadcast so far. I'm a newbie about Shonda Rhimes' tv series, but it is a very good product and HTGAWM deserve a place in my top 5. Every episode has a story itself but it also follows a central plot, some actors are really good, my favorite ones are Viola Davis, Liza Weil (Gilmore Girls' Paris Geller, who played a hard worker also in this tv series) and Alfred Enoch (yes, Dean Thomas is grown up guys!). It can easily become one of the best new tv series if it keeps up the good work.

4. Gomorra la serie
When I began to be interested in tv series, I didn't expect to find an italian one which could compete with the american ones. But Gomorra la serie was a wonderful surprise! Created by Roberto Saviano, Gomorra la serie is about Camorra, and when I say it, I mean it is about Camorra, not about fighting it. It's fascinating but also terrifying, one of the most intense series I've ever seen. It gave me the creeps more than once and I don't feel ashamed to tell. Everything that happens has a meaning and is thought with extremely precision, there is an important evolution of the characters, especially Gennaro Savastano. The dialogues are in napoletano, the dialect of Napoli, and it was very hard for me to understand them (I read substitles), but it makes the entire series more credible and faithful to the reality.

3. Person of Interest
I could write about Person of Interest for years, not only because I've seen it twice, but also because I studied it for the exam of sociology - and it was one of my best work ever.
Person of interest is a science fiction crime drama, but I think that the reality of PoI is not so far from ours. Actually, it can be considered a farsighted story - and I'm referring to PRISM and all the cases about global control we hear everyday. It's very credible and it is terrifying because we actually are controlled by machines more than we think. Season three has been amazing, I loved the fact that it was full of references to sociologists and philosophers such as Foucault and his concept of biopower: these things made Person of Interest more interesting and less banal than you can think. I also love Micheal Emerson, he's one of the best actor I know, I loved him in Lost and I adore him playing Harold Finch.

2. Fargo
Coen brothers' movie becomes a mini tv series. Well, I've never seen Fargo the movie but I guarantee that the tv series is wonderful. At the beginning I didn't understand a lot, I just kept watching it without being able to tell the plot, thinking that every product from Coen brothers is quite weird, and after a few episodes I realized that... I liked it! Lorne Malvo is one of the scariest characters ever seen in a tv series but also one of the greatest and I think that Billy Bob Thornton is the best actor in the whole series. And shall we talk about Lester Nygaard? I study psychology so one of the thing I look at the most is the psychological evolution of the characters and Lester Nygaard slowly becomes a total different person; it's absolutely shocking how he changes.
As I tweeted when I finished the tv series, if you're glued to the television during the credits of the last episode, the series is a success. And for me it was totally a success as I didn't want to click on the red X when the last episode finished.

1. Breaking Bad
I do know that Breaking Bad wasn't broadcast on 2014, but I hadn't seen it before of last August, so I had to include it in my top 5.
Breaking Bad is simply perfect. I loved the plot, I loved the characters (I fell in love with Jesse Pinkman, but who doesn't?), I loved the dialogues, I loved magnets, I loved everything about it, but what makes BrBa the best tv series I've ever seen is the fact that it has a beginning and it has an end. I admire the authors so much because they never took advantage by the audience and the global success of their product stringing the series out: they remained faithful to their original idea. And this is not as common as you might think!
Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and Hank Schrader are three of the best characters of all time, starting from the actors until their story and of course the evolution. I was pretty shocked when I see that Walter White actually broke bad, but then I realized that he had to, or the series would have been a failure. And this is admirable because Vince Gilligan wanted to tell a story about a man who suddenly became bad, and he did, without wasting time telling things useless for the series. He could have done it and could have earned more money but he didn't, he didn't ruin his product and decided to make a spin-off and leaving Breaking Bad exactly as he created it.

I become soooo boring when I talk about Breaking Bad so I'll stop immediately.
Do you like tv series? What were your favourite ones in 2014?
I hope you have a great 2015 and a great night tomorrow! See you soon 

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