Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas guysss!
Basically I love Christmas and I couldn't avoid a post about it. Just two of the gifts under the Christmas tree were mine, but it's totally ok, I just wanted to share my beautiful tree, made with some pretty ribbons I did with mum and some snowmen instead of the more classic balls. My mum and I like to decorate the tree in a different way every year; the costant is the colors, blue and silver.

Christmas Eve was a bit unusual because my family and I went to the cinema to see Il ricco, il povero e il maggiordomo, an italian movie with three comic actors very famous here in Italy, Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo. It was very funny, but not banal at all. I love Aldo's expressiveness, he always makes me laugh.
The other two days were of course more classic and we went to grandparents' and uncles' houses, we ate too much and we played games as usual.

This year I wore my Christmas sweater, red with some snowflakes (H&M, 19€, I didn't take a photo of it), and my brand new UGG boots, color sand. I'm definitely in love with those boots, they're so warm and comfortable!
Also, this year, since I had a lot of free time the days before Christmas, I decided to do a cute nail art. I don't really like nail art because I find it too much difficult and my hands really shake, but I did something easy I saw on instagram, Candy Cane nails, and this is the result.

I was given money, which I'm going to save for my trip to Amsterdam in April, and four beautiful Layla nail polish, blue, turquoise, cobalt blue and coral red. My mother tried cobalt blue and it's really really beautiful, I had never tried Layla stuff and I confess I'm pleasantly surprised.

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas!
Bye bye

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