Thursday, 12 November 2015

Moving to Milan #3 | 5 things you can't miss for your home decor

This is the last post about my relocation in Milan, and I want to talk about home decoration.
You house should be your home, and there's nothing better than personal home decor in order to feel home in your new apartment.
My boyfriend and I tried to put some customization in our apartment, and I found out that there are 5 items that cannot miss in your house.

1. Plants
Fake or real, big or small, a beautiful and colorful plant is all you need to make your house look more fine. I would like to put some plants in the balcony too, but I have to think about what kind of flowers I can deal with. I have no experience with gardening and I think I will let my plants die... I know, I'm a disaster. But still, plants are a really good choice if you want something really elegant and never boring.

2. Courtains
You can trust me when I say that with and without courtains your house will look totally different. I wanted to decor my home with them, but I waited an entire week for my grandma to bring me ones, and I can easily claim that now that I have courtains, my living room looks a lot better. Since my wall is pink, I wanted a neutral color, so my grandma brought me white courtains and they look great.

3. Books
Even if you don't like to read, nothing is better than books, or comics, in order to fill your empty shelves. They're colorful, they're different sized and of course they are a good hobby. There's also a study which says that a child who growns up in a house full of books will be better at school than a child who lives in a house without books - sorry, this is my psychologist-side talking.

4. Pictures
I don't like empty walls, and I'm suffering because mine are still empty. I just wanted to wait and see what's better for my house. So far I bought a puzzle which shows a picture of Amsterdam (a city that my boyfriend and I love so much), and now that is done I think I will put it over the couch, or in my bedroom.

5. Centerpiece
Maybe someone don't think that this is important, but I totally do. There's a big difference in a table with ceterpiece and a table without it. I decided to buy a big plate in IKEA, some fake leaves and flower with green apple scent, and a candle, which I put in the center of this centerpiece. I think the result is good and my home smells like apple when I enter.

These are my must-have home decor stuff.
Which ones are yours?
Let me know in the comments below.
I hope you enjoy!


  1. I have to have cute fairly lights around the shelves haha!
    Charlotte //

    1. Sooo cute, I want to have them for Christmas! Xx