Saturday, 30 May 2015

Shopping online | ASOS 2015

Sales online will kill me, or I better say they'll kill my savings!
That's what happened some days ago, when I read that ASOS had these crazy sales. It was during a boring lesson, so I opened the site and in less than 10 minutes I spent 30€, or something like that.
I don't care, because the two items I bought are simply amazing.

Here they are!

New Look Halter Neck Peplum Top
A really elegant but also simple top, you can use it when you go for a night out or when you go shopping in the afternoon. I've already used it, I like the peplum because it completely covers your belly, especially if you don't have a perfect body, just like me!

London Rebel Bow Flip Flops
I love sooo much bows - I'm also think about getting a bow tattoo. I fell in love with these flip flops as I saw them and I literally ran to reserve my size.
I can't wait to wear them, I needed a new pair of flip flops to go to the beach!

And that's how they look like! I know the photo quality is not great, but I couldn't take a better one!

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