Monday, 2 March 2015

New series

I think I've already mentioned my tv series addiction, so it's absolutely necessary to me talking about two new series which began on February.

The Casual Vacancy

Based on the novel by J.K. Rowling, The Casual Vacancy is a british drama set in Pagford. The series talks about a lot of characters, 34 to be precise. The book (and the series of course) begins with the death of Barry Fairbrother, leaving a casual vacancy in the parish council.
What I liked the most about the book was the attention paid to all the characters. They were a lot, so it must have been very difficult to paint them so precisely one by one, but Rowling absolutely succeeded. For this reason I think that the miniseries was the best choice: a movie would have been too short to show the complexity of the characters, and a series too long for a 500 pages book.
The pilot was really good, while the second episode wasn't so good as the first, it seems to me to be quite slow and without action, but I think that the series will be about the characters more than the story, just as the book is.

Better Call Saul

If you didn't watch Breaking Bad, you probably won't watch this, even if producers says that BCS is a independent series (I'm not so sure about it).
The series is about the life of James McGill aka Saul Goodman, the criminal lawyer who helped Walt and Jesse with their plans and misdeeds. Better Call Saul is set before Breaking Bad, so we learn more about Saul's rise to power. We also see Mike and Tuco, two central characters in BrBa.
The first four episodes were really good in my opinion, I liked them so much, but I noticed that I haven't understood yet where we're going with the plot. I know, just as everybody who watched BrBa know, what James McGill will become, but that cannot be clear for people who didn't watch BrBa, and that's why I cannot understand why producers claim it to be an independent series.
So my suggestion is to watch BrBa before BCS. I promise you won't regret it.

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