Saturday, 20 December 2014

Cassulli alla carlofortina

Hi everybody!
Since my boyfriend comes to my home tonight, I decided to prepare one of my favourite dishes: cassulli alla carlofortina.
This is a typical recipe of Carloforte, a town located on Isola di San Pietro, Sardinia, and my grandmom's place of birth. Carloforte is famous in the world because of tuna: every year, in June, the Girotonno attracts tourists from all over the world, even japaneses come to buy tuna for their sushi! Carloforte's tuna is the most delicious in the world, I swear.
Even if Carloforte is in Sardinia, inhabitants talk genovese, the dialect of Genoa, my city. I think their pronounciation is very funny, because they actually talk genovese but with a sardinian accent. Don't tell Carlofortini they're Sardinian, because they won't appreciate it: they claim to be Ligurian!

Cassulli alla carlofortina are really simple to prepare and very good to eat, a very success!
I think they represent the Carloforte's culture because they contains tuna and pesto alla genovese.
Cassulli are a typical pasta of Carloforte, made with durum wheat, very heavy (in fact I usually eat 70-80gr of them to be sated). They're quite easy to find in every supermarket, usually called gnocchetti sardi. Of course they're better homemade, but I really don't know how to do them.
Sugo alla carlofortina is a simple sauce made with tomato sauce, pesto and tuna. Obviously when you eat them in Carloforte, they use their tuna, I suggest you to buy a very good tuna and not the cheapest one because tuna is very important in this recipe: a good tuna makes the dish so much better!

This is how I do cassulli alla carlofortina, I'm sure you will like them and... buon appetito!

Ingredients for 2 portions
• 200 gr cassulli (or gnocchetti sardi)
• 300 gr tomato sauce (I use passata because it's my favourite)
• 130 gr pesto alla genovese
• 120 gr tuna
• olive oil
• salt

Boil the salt water for the cassulli. When it boils, add cassulli and blend it regularly.
Pour the tomato sauce into a pot and add some oil and salt and simmer it for about 15/20 minutes. Don't forget to blend it or it will stick to the pot.

When the sauce is almost ready, add the tuna and continue to blend it. When tuna and tomato sauce are well mixed, turn off the burner.

After you turn off the burner, add the pesto and blend.
Drain the cassulli (remember that they must be tough, so don't let them stay too much in the water because you think they're not ready) and put them in the pot with the sauce, then serve the cassulli in a soup plate.
I suggest you not to add cheese because it's in the pesto.

These are my cassulli, and they were good!
And you? Have you ever taste them? Did you like them?
Let me know by leaving a comment below, I would really appreciate it!


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