Friday, 8 January 2016

Autumn favorites

Happy 2016 people!!
Since on December I only posted things about Christmas, I had to write this post, so I decided to write it now, at the beginning of 2016. 
For this year I have a lot on my mind for my blog, and that's because I want to make changes in my house. And of course I'm getting better in cooking because I simply have to cook for myself every single day, so I have a lot of recipe to share. 
But for now I will share something easy which I like to write on my blog every three months.
Last autumn was a lot messy and busy for me, but I started to create my new routine, and that's what made my fall special!

Grass - Lush
Ok I know I'm starting with something which is not sold anymore. But what can I say? I bought three of these because I wanted to have enough for a year or more. I love the scent of grass and I am sooo sad that I won't be able to buy it again. I am currently trying to find something similar, but it's not that simple. I used this a lot in november and december, and I have a bottle left. I just don't want it to finish... but I think I have to surrender.

BB Cream Miracle skin perfector, light - Garnier
I bought this in july, but I didn't use it a lot because I don't like to put my make up on in summer. but right now I am using this sooo much, it's perfect for my skin. I am not one of those persons who care a lot about INCI and stuff, so I have no problems with garnier. I think this BB cream is the perfect one for me: it covers imperfections with a natural result, it's not so much intense and it can be used also without any other make up. I suggest to blend it with your fingers and to use a powder if you have a particularly oily skin, like I have.

Lip massage - Blistex
I didn't buy this but it's a gift from my aunt and uncle. I didn't know this brand and this lip protection formula. I think this rubber applicator is a great idea because it really make your lips softer and smoother. I don't really like the smell of this, but I thinks that once you finish the cocoa butter inside you can use the applicator with another cocoa butter you like more. My lips are a lot better since I use it, despite of the cold weather. And I became sort of addicted to the massage... so relaxing!

Zara shopper bag
When I go to university, I need a big and roomy bag. I bought this one as a gift for my birthday, but I started to use it just a few months ago. I like it because it's so simple and pretty - I really love the red part inside - and you can use it with any kind of outfit. It has also a pouch inside with a zip where you can put your wallet and keys, so you don't have to worry a lot about them if you are on the bus!

Last but not least... Finally netflix is available in Italy, and this is such a good news for every tv series-movies and so on addicted like me. I decided to try it with my mum, and after the first free month we decided to pay for it. I used it soo much, especially because in my new house I don't have television, so if I want to see something I use it. There are a lot of pros in using netflix: streaming is good quality, there's no danger of virus and library is getting richer and richer. So, what are you waiting for?

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