Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Winter favorites

It's spring time!
Even if it doesn't look like spring at all, winter is gone a few days ago. Now it's time for long walks, flowers, t-shirt and of course laying on the grass during a pic-nic with your friends. I like spring because it's like a rebirth, and because I begin to think about working out and practising some physical activities. Of course they remain dreams or good intentions because spring also mean exams and I have no time to run. But I promise that sooner or later I will manage to let these dreams come true.
But before I can consider winter gone, I'd like to tell you what made these three months special.

H&M jumper
I love sooo much colored jumper, I just can't have enough of them. I like oversized or elegant, long or short. This is the one I used the most this winter, and even if it was a little short, it was warm and cushy. I have a crush on this color, lately I use it a lot (I'm currently wearing a green top), I think it suits me well.

Deprivation and delinquency by Donald Winnicott
I know this is a little bit geek, but this is one of those book you must read for an exam and you fall in love with after a few pages. It was really good to read, it's one of those books you must read if you study psychology. I found it really enlightening, even if I don't really like the topic of child development.

Yankee Candle - Black Cherry
I've talked about my candles-obsession a lot, so I think there's nothing more to say here, except for the fact I love this scent so much and I want more and more Black Cherry Yankee Candles in my life.

Baby Lips Electro by Maybelline (pink shock)
Baby Lips is a brilliant idea in my honest opinion: in winter, when you have cracked lips and putting a lipstick on is harder than ever, it's amazing the idea of a lip balm which is also colored. I used this one a lot when I wanted to go out but I couldn't put on my lipstick. Sadly, it's not so hydrating, so I wouldn't suggest to use it as a lip balm: choose another one if you want to repair your lips.

Body Cream Hammam by Tesori d'oriente
One of my favourite moment of the day is the cuddles after the bath or shower. This body cream is soft and has an amazing scent (orange blossom and argan oil), I like to spread all over my body, n particular legs and feet, and then smell all the fragrance on my body. I also bought the same shower gel and it's like amazing!

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  1. La yankee alle ciliegie nere è fantastica!! La adoro!! *-*